Legacy of Straight Talk

So John - in all of 28 years, all you've done for Arizona ... is build a reputation for honesty and straight talk?

Do you really think the people of Arizona are that stupid? Do you really have such a low opinion of your constituents? Do you think they have the memory capacity of a mayfly?

"I never supported amnesty," you say. "I never have and I never will."

That is simply not true.

Are you lying? Are you delusional? Or did you just forget?


Susan Tomlinson said…
I think it must be next to impossible to 1) get elected, and 2) stay in office for more than one term unless you make a lot of compromises with your integrity.

The system is broken, but it is broken because of ignorance and fear. It is broken because people want the Santa Claus form of government, not the broccoli form. McCain is just capitalizing on all that.
Susan Tomlinson said…
All of that is also why I'd never run for public office.