iPhone + Blogger = Visual Twitter

We here at My iPhone blog keep getting emails where people ask us,


It is simple, You will need

1) a Gmail account
2) a Blogger blog
3) an iPhone

1) Login to your gmail account, settings > forwarding pop/imap
enable imap and then save changes. Set up IMAP on your iPhone and set up IMAP on your Mail Client for that account.

2) Login to your blogger blog at the dashboard click on settings > email > and set up the address, select Publish emails immediately and click save.

You will use this address to post text and images (up to 10MB in size) directly to your blogger blog. Make a new contact on your iPhone named Blog with the new email address you have just set up.

3) Take a picture with your iPhone, then go to the iPhone Camera Roll and select the picture that you would like to post, and click on the icon in the bottom left hand corner of the image, Select email photo, Click B in the to field and select blog from your contacts, fill in the subject line, this will become your posts title, and hit send.

If you want to get really tricky login to your other social accounts and set up your mail to addresses there also, and you can cc then with any post!

Happy Visual Tweeting from My iPhone Blog.


d.a. said…
Saw your blog link at iPhone Matters, wrt iPhone/Gmail/Blogspot blogging. Still looking for additional bloggers, as noted on your site banner? Let me know -- gmail addy is deb.sparky.
Varun said…
Hi i tried doing this, but my photo doesn't go through. It shows my title, text, but the instead of the photo there is an empty box in blog post. I used the email address auto-generated in the settings->emails section.
Anonymous said…
What is your blog URL?
Varun said…
Anonymous said…
Login to http://picasa.google.com/ do you see your blogger photos there? Try email me a shot to my gmail address.
Anonymous said…
Also give this walkthru a shot,

Varun said…
thanks Darin. i will try it out. i didn't know picasa stores blog photos.

These would be shots that I have added to this blog so far.
VeXeD said…
Hi Guys, there's a cool new blog available for iPhone users called Snigit.com. It allows you to post your iPhone (or other phone) pics directly to an online sharing community. It's brand new. Be one of the first to post!

You will need to post from a Gmail account with your iPhone, Yahoo accounts don't work. Give it a try!
Wei Chong said…
Thanks for your advice. Been looking for this info, so I could Blog directly from my iPhone. Might want to suggest (altho maybe obvious to others) that one needs to email from their gmail account (not Yahoo, which I tried) :-)
Yawnna said…
I am having the same issues as Varun. I've been trying to figure it out for a few hours. No idea what is going on. I can post the picture by itself, but as soon as I add text it posts an empty box with a red x. I had to go into my blog from my laptop to add the words. :(
The Long Family said…
Just the tip I needed. use gmail account instead of another. Thanks!
Thanks a lot for this tip. Very useful!