New Year's Resolutions from Malibu

I pretty much think that Friday January 1st 2010 will look a lot like Thursday, January 1, 2009 excepting that I will be tucked under my duvet all alone instead of waking up in a rented RV next to my ex husband on the Rose Parade route but either way someone needs to pickup curbside litter on Colorado Boulevard.     

So begins my first blog which will be brief as I have sworn to arrive at the airport two hours before departure.  2009 brought some firsts for me:  missing a flight, running out of gas and wake boarding (no, that was 2008) and although I have never made a New Year's Resolution before, I am doing it this year.  Getting there on time, cleaning out my closet and blogging.   I am keeping the peanut M&M habit, shopping addiction and walking out the door with wet hair.  However, I have just asked my housekeeper to pick up some terry cloth head turbans at Bed Bath and Beyond so that it will be a little drier when I leave.  

I hear from the other room that the girls have either resolved or tired of the battle for a hairbrush and they are seated quietly at the breakfast bar drinking hot chocolate and eating donuts I holler, "Eat some fruit!"  It is now safe for me to leave the office and finish getting ready for our trip.  Time to bandage my pinkie finger which I recently severed while slicing a bialy and pack up the car.  Driving to LAX, party is in Dallas tonight, and be back in 2010!

Diane Prince Johnston
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