iPhone FPS Eliminate Pro

The only reason to have a computer networked is for playing FPS, (First Person Shooters) well and maybe pr0n but that would be another post...

Today I want to share with you what I have been looking for since I got my first Gen iPhone.
A FREE FREE FREE* Multi-player FPS that ROX!!!

I give you "Eliminate Pro" those of you who have played Quake will feel right at home, the controls were easy to pick up and the frag fest can even be over 3G. Game also has PUSH notifications, so you can get your friends into a game at will. In the games I have played so far the speed of boot on 3G & 3GS is awesome and have yet to crash.

*In game purchases, New from Apple, free game, where you can pay to upgrade.

Looking for a kick the monkeys butt multi-player fps for your iPhone, look no further, Eliminate Pro has it all.

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