Turn your iPhone into a bugging device!

7 Steps to turn your iPhone into a bugging device and then listen in over Wi-Fi

Step 1) Open the free Blue FiRe iPhone app

Step 2) Click on settings

Step 3) Enable Record over threshold, set the level to low, hold level 10 seconds and go back to Recordings

Step 4) Bottom left of the Recording window click on the world icon

Step 5) In the Browser Access window enable and note the url for Access, click done.

Step 6) Set your iPhone down and leave the area to start gathering intel.

Step 7) Via any computer on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone go to the url you noted from the Browser Access window and download the audio file! TA DA!

For extra credit use your iPhone to record in STEREO with Mikey form @BlueMicrophones

*please note this post is for fun and infotainment purposes only. If you turn your iPhone into a bugging-device with the Blue FiRe iPhone app any trouble you get into will be your own... Just Sayin...


Anonymous said…
or use it as a harmless baby monitor.