My iEntertainment unit is missing something...

Generously (or in a fit of madness, I'm not sure which), Spouse gave up his PSP to one of his nephews as a Christmas present. Doing so, however, also meant that Spouse gave up his game, music, and video player, of which he used extensively while traveling for business. I already had the iPhone plus two iPods - one 2nd-gen mini in the car, and one 3rd-gen video - so I gave him the video iPod for entertainment while on the road (or waiting on the airport tarmac, as is usually the case). He's enjoying it greatly, and is frequently found ripping various CD's and DVD's the night before a trip.

For me and my iPhone-slash-iEntertainment unit, I have music, videos, photos of friends and family, vacation montages to inflict upon beleaguered co-workers, and (soon to be loading) e-books. However:

I miss Bejeweled!

I've been playing Bejeweled ever since discovering it a couple years ago on Spouse's cell phone. I've paid to download the game onto every cell phone since then. I even had the Bejeweled gadget on my Google home page for a time. I'd furtively play during boring meetings, television commercial breaks, or while waiting in line for something-or-another. It became a substitute for my old Tetris addiction. Friends were agog at the scores I would rack up. There were nights I even dreamed of the game. But Bejeweled or Tetris for the iPhone? Yeah, sure, there's the red-headed stepchild web version you can play - IF you don't mind the network hiccups and general slowness. Feh, I say! I want response times to match my lightening fast reflexes! I want them jewels to sparkle bright and MOVE, d@mmit! Bejeweled is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

*Ahem*. Right. Back to reality: I just want my old fix back. Has anyone found a good time-waster... er, "mental dexterity" game that the iPhone plays well in this pre-SDK period? Someone throw me a rope, please!

[Be warned: the whining may continue until the post-SDK apps are released...]