iPhone firmware version 2.0

What's new with iPhone firmware version 2.0? Via itwire.com

To start with, the next firmware was ‘confirmed’ to be called 2.0, and not 1.1.4. Then we’re told that a new feature would be Flash support, and support for files with the extension .Docx.

Our comment on this is that Flash support would be cool, as there are plenty of Flash sites out there that iPhone users would like to visit, but .Docx support? That’s the file format for Microsoft Word 2007, so that one’s a bit strange.

The next new feature is said to be a ‘mini file manager’, something that would allow users to organize files on the iPhone and give it a more traditional computer-like feature, although the vast majority of non-technical iPhone users would likely not use it very often, unless one of the new features made use of it to allow saving and opening of files.

The we’re told that Apple will add a ‘clipboard’ to manage copied and pasted text – which implies a copy and paste function. Files sent to the clipboard, presumably by that file manager, could then be emailed or sent via Bluetooth.

Next is something called ‘iClips Management’, with speculation that iClips will be the name of authorized third party apps distributed through iTunes. iClips? Hardly sounds like the name for a third party program, sounds more like a web bookmark – but who knows when it comes to Apple?

Then we have a ‘more complete Bluetooth manager’ being promised, which would theoretically allow AD2P stereo Bluetooth headsets to be used, which could also control the volume, play, pause, FF and REW functions as other music phones can do today. It would theoretically also allow Bluetooth keyboards to be used to enter lots of data more easily into the iPhone.

A new iPhone version of iChat is promised, although this is only supposed to work when you’re connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, presumably to protect carrier’s SMS revenues.

What was said to not be coming this time around is official MMS support, a video recording mode for the iPhone’s 2 megapixel camera, or the ability to edit ‘office’ files, presumably Microsoft Office files, iWork files or any other documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

Bummer, no visualizer in itunes on iPhone in this update.