We Got Leopard!


Just arrived on our door steps this morning! Whoo hoo!


How did the install go? First impressions?
Desertnut said…
The install was a breeze. The only glitches were the software didn't support my old Photoshop 7 and some of the transitions in Slick that I use in iMovie.

Other then that, I love the OS! I was mesmerized by it all!
Mark Sisom said…
Desertnut, Yes, the next version after 7 till present are required for OSX. How cinch is Mac install? It's literally a pleasure to install/use/enjoy/not-deal-w-the-security-issues-and-go-nuts-constantly-upgrading-Hware/Sware!

It's silly to think MAC vs PC, or iPhone vs other phone debates could even exist!!

The (strictly) Wintel box mindset of this world is in SUCH denial it's really quite embarrassing. LOL!!!