Review: My iPhone, What is it?

My iPhone is a hand held Mac that makes phone calls

What does a former blackjack user tell a current blackberry addict about living with the new iPhone?

It was all I needed for my trip this week.
I did not even bring my laptop.

Now with full imap support so my office, Gmail and iPhone mailboxes stay in synch, I can view google docs, edit postes on blogger, a camera so I can photo blog on the fly, IM, google maps for turn by turn directions when out of town,,,,, for access to all of my mp3s and photos from home, to find new sounds, iTunes, iPod, Video Ipod, WiFi...

It is a Mac you carry in your hand.

That does phone calls...


Mark Sisom said…
I know ... it's like, what do you WANT it to do?? ;) LOL!

Today, I used "Notes" to log directions to my two different midtown meetings for tomorrow morning, and also typed in the new train schedule changes. Yeah, I know a bunch of the other PDA's could have done the task, but not with the authority and style I executed. I really AM 007 (in my mind) when out and about w/ my phone.

I hope the next revision comes with smokescreen and homing functions! ;)