Product Review: Headphones

Sennheiser MX 90 VC earbud style headphones and Monster Cable iCableLink headphone adapter

Ok, so, I bought a pair of $35 Nike sport headphones last week and after only a few days ... No sound out of left channel! Ya get what you pay for huh?

Anyway, so I go back to the Apple Store today and exchange them in and bought a pair of Sennheiser MX 90 VC stereo headphones ($80) and Monster Cable's iCableLink headphone adapter ($10) to use them with my iPhone (why on earth Apple of all companies would make a device like the iPhone only be able to use Apple headphones natively is beyond me! Also, where's the pair of awesome, revolutionary Apple headphones as an alternative to their cheap earbuds???). LOVE Apple products, Mac addict since 95', HATE their headphones .. oh excuse me, 'earbuds'... ;-/

After figuring out which unique earbud 'gasket' made the right fit, I plugged them in and proceeded to enjoy comfortable, crisp, full, hi-fidelity sound. VERY happy with these. .... Very. Especially since I don't normally like earbud style. However, since I'm a long time musician who's been using Sennheiser's amazing microphones for years I honestly expected nothing less than a top end product. They come with an array of those "gaskets" to make them comfy depending on the size and shape of your ear, and have a neat in-line "slider" volume control thingy on the cable.

That said, I highly recommend these earbuds for you audiophiles out there who want the best accessories for your iPhone.

View the MX 90 VC's at Apple Store - Click here!