iPhone bloggin - NYC

NYC as seen from My iPhone

SOOoooo... Here's my first iPhone blog entry .... Thanx to ma man Darin!
This photo was just taken during my commute home from work in NYC


4 hours a day on the subway right? You must live on your iPhone Mark, See if you can get WiFi installed in all the trains! 3g iPhones don't come out till next year...
Mark Sisom said…
Just regular train, not subway, but yeah, close to 4 hrs! { EECH! } .... hence the intense love of my iphone! LOL Believe you me... I utilize every possible function this thing can do!

One cool thing is that when I'm in the city there's WiFi surrounding you 360 no matter where you are. When I go to connect to a WiFi like 20 different networks show up at all times. My iphone is always connected to WiFi while at work. ;-)

AND ... since I work in good 'ol NYC .. you can be SURE there's no shortage of material for me to post here! ;-) I see some funny ass shit every day.

... matter of fact ... think I'll take a walk over to Times Square and see if "Naked Cowboy" is out there strumming his guitar ... boy would THAT make a great blog post! hahaaa
from the front lines of the iPhone revolution,


Well at least at 71* out in NYC, (or so says my iPhone) he wont have to think about ahem, shrinkage? 10* cooler here on the Orange Coast.

Starting to feel like fall.

Lisa calls it our Private Summer.